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Old Ghent Images

Crazy about Ghent? So are we! Check out Charlie's Old Ghent Instagram page, with hundreds of pictures, and become amazed of how our beautiful city looked like in the past 150 years. The Castle of The Counts surrounded by houses? The old Saint Michael's Bridge? Cars driving around the old harbour? It's all there...Updates on a weekly basis!

Old Ghent Pictures

Images of Ghent Today

Check out Charlie's Ghent Today Instagram page, with recent pictures of beautiful Ghent. This page is the result of the work of various national & international photographers, showing off the beauty of our city through their lens. We made a selection of the best images and upload new material on a weekly basis!

Ghent Today

Great food in Ghent

Ghent is the place to be for the good life and great food, and is even becoming a sensation on the international food scene! There's plenty of good options, going from restaurants where they serve our delicious local beerstew to more exclusive places to have a fine dining experience. But as a visitor it is not always easy to find what you're looking for, that's why we listed our favorites for you!

Great Food in Ghent

Best bars in town

Yes, we do like bars! In fact, we are pretty well experienced in the world of drinks & night life. We all love a nice cold beer, a good glass of wine and occasionaly even a fancy cocktail, and we enjoy them in one of the many cool bars that Ghent has to offer. But we've also seen the other side of it, because Charlie used to be a rock 'n roll bar a couple of years ago, before becoming a tour organisation! As restoBAR Charlie doesn't exist anymore, we've listed some of our favorites for you, that are well worth paying a vist!

Nice bars in Ghent

Charlie's favorite shops

Ghent is a very authentic city, and that something that you especially realize visiting the many shops in the city centre. We do have tons of local shops selling art, chocolates, vintage, regional products and much more! We've listed a couple of them for you, that we believe are a must-visit!

Charlie's favorite shops