About Charlie

The Ghent & Bruges Experience with a local guide! All of our tours are given in a fun & interactive way, and always with a touch of rock 'n roll!
Charlie offers thematic Private Tours in Ghent & Bruges that are available 7/7, like the Off The Beaten Path Tour, Chocolate Tour and Highlights Tour. The perfect activity to do with friends, family, colleagues or just by yourself. During the weekends you can as well join our Small Group Tours in Ghent, with individual registration.

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Charlie was founded in 2013 as a genuine local bar - restoBAR Charlie - at the Patershol, the oldest neighborhood of Ghent. For years, Ghent-born Nick Vandecasteele served his customers with great enthusiasm and enjoyed a nightlife full of fun & rock 'n roll. He shared the passion for his city and its rich history from behind the bar with regulars and tourists on a daily basis, always in an entertaining way! A side job as a local city guide was written in the stars. And so it happened. But it didn't stop there. At the end of 2017, Nick decided to close restoBAR Charlie for good.

Charlie would from now on live on as a full-time city guide: Charlie Tours was born! As a proud local, he now considers it an absolute privilege, together with his fantastic team of local guides, to show visitors around his beautiful Ghent in a fun & interactive way!

"Never waste a good crisis". That's what they thought at Charlie Tours during the Covid-period. Because the extra - unexpected - free time was used to start up in that other stunning medieval city: Bruges

So far the customers of Charlie Tours unanimously gave excellent ratings on Google & TripAdvisor. So don't hesitate and come and enjoy The Ghent Experience and/or The Bruges Experience together with Charlie!